Smartwool insulates and regulates

Smartwool is a manufacturer of socks and clothing, products made from Merino Wool. Contrary to what some people think, wool is an insulator and temperature regulator, as opposed to a heater.  Translation: Smartwool products perform incredibly, year-round, in any climate. I’ve been wearing my PHD Crew socks a lot lately in the hot, humid temperatures and my feet stay totally dry, but not hot.  Just kicking around the house or at work and out on my downhill board I’ve noticed how truly functional wool really is.  (Check out the most recent run I snuck in on Father’s Day.)

This 20-Second Smartwool explanation from Gardner Flanigan says it all.


Smartwool, Insulator, Temp Regulator

Outdoor Sports Marketing represents Smartwool in the Southeastern Territory of the USA.

Spencer Cooke
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